Hydroseed Aftercare Program

Your new lawn is in a delicate state right now and will require constant attention for the first 45-60 days. The following program is a detailed guideline for you to follow to achieve a lush beautiful lawn. Please read the following steps for optimum growth:



This is by far the most important aspect of your Aftercare Program. You will want to water the first three weeks. Three times a day at these increments:

  • 15 minutes in the morning
  • 15 minutes in the afternoon
  • 10 minutes in the evening

After the first four weeks, stop the evening watering and make the afternoon watering into late afternoon watering. This should be done for the next 60 days to ensure proper growth development.



Your new lawn was given a starter fertilizer when it was installed. After three weeks you will need to apply a 21-3-21 every four weeks for six months following installation. You will want to apply 1lb. nitrogen and potash per 1,000 sq ft. So every 5,000 sq ft of lawn will require 50lbs of fertilizer.

After 60 days it is safe to add a crabgrass and weed control program. The best time for this application is early fall or mid spring for late summer installation.


Mowing & Maintenance

Your mowing height should be set at 3 1/4 to 3 1/2 height for the first 60 days to prevent scalping ad promote root growth. After 60 days you can bring the height down to 3. Generally, you should never go under 3 in Michigan because of the adverse climate conditions in the late fall or early spring. Each year you will want to add a core plug application and overseeding to enhance the overall health of your lawn.